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XRPL NFT Holder Verification

Super easy Discord role management for your NFT Holders. Use it free for your basic verification or upgrade to Premium for more amount or trait based roles with more collections. All from inside Discord!

The Bot Basics

Some of the boring stuff...

  • Slash Commands

    All interactions with this bot are done through Discord's Slash Commands. They are easier to control permissions from inside your Server Settings

    Discord Docs
  • Experienced Developer

    I've made many bots for various projects / teams including all the ones I've made just for fun and am always improving them

    Visit Puppy.Tools
  • Easy To Use

    You can always see the available Slash Commands in Discord and I even made some Documentation with it all on GitBook! (with pictures)

    Visit Documentation

SpaceWatch is available for any XRPL NFT community

Any community can invite SpaceWatch and start gatekeeping channels for holders

Subscribe for a monthly fee to Premium and add more Collections and Roles and even use the Trait Based roles

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SpaceWatch features

SpaceWatch has many features but here are some main reasons to use it.

  • Easily let your holders unlock access to restricted sections of your Discord server.

  • Users only need to link their wallet once and it'll automatically verify them on any other server using SpaceWatch.

  • Do everything from your phone inside Discord. Wallet linking and subscription payments use the XUMM API and provide you a Link / QR Code.

  • Upgrade to Premium to have more collections and roles, including Trait Based roles.